Disney’s Pop Century Refurbished Rooms Pop with Practical Style

Disney’s Pop Century Resort is currently undergoing resort room refurbishments that offer a completely redesigned room. New laminate wood flooring and a pull down bed are just the beginning! 

Disney's Pop Century Resort refurbished room

Standard Pop Century refurbished rooms now come with two queen-size beds — one traditional platform bed and one that easily converts to a table when not in use. Inside the Murphy-like bed, you’ll find some fun pop art featuring a sleeping Pluto who’s dreaming about bones (adorable!). Lights above and inside the wall bed are convenient, especially since the interior light automatically turns off when you return the bed to the standing position. It’s surprising easy to convert the bed either up or down — just be sure to move the chairs aside before lowering the bed.

The traditional bed in the room is a bit taller and on a platform instead of a box spring. This allows you to stow luggage underneath, which is very helpful. As you may know, Value resort rooms are pretty small, so there’s not a lot of other places to store your luggage during your stay if you are using both beds.

Instead of a curtain to separate the bath vanity from the sleeping area, there’s now a sliding barn-style door, which does a much better job to blocking the light from escaping into the sleeping area. 

The new vanity area includes a sleek-looking vessel sink, a brightly illuminated mirror and lots of little cubbies for storage. Behind one cubby door we found the iron and hairdryer. 


The “closet” area is pretty small, but you can extend the hanging rod out the side of the built in cabinet to get a little more hanging space. 

There’s another space-saving sliding door at the bathroom as well. Inside the bathroom, you’ll notice the lack of a bathtub in favor of a pretty shower with a sliding, textured glass door. 

We like the door hardware and the over-sized rainfall-style shower head. It seems like this shower could use a little more space for toiletries. There is just the one shallow cutout in the wall. Good news for H20+ lovers, the Sea Marine Shampoo and Conditioner and the Sea Salt Body Wash and Lotion come standard across property now. (These “higher end” toiletries used to only be available in Deluxe Resorts.)

Getting back to the main room features, there’s a tall, standing cabinet that houses a mini fridge as well as a coffee station. The refrigerator is no longer a “beverage cooler,” and is now an actual mini fridge. It also happens to have a clear front door, which is different. There’s a Cuisinart coffee machine and a drawer full off coffee, tea and accouterments. The traditional ice bucket and a few plastic and styrofoam cups are provided as well.

Inside the new dresser, you’ll find the typical drawers and shelves along with a new, larger safe, which will easily stow even widescreen laptops. On top of the dresser, there are regular and USB outlets on both sides. 

For those who travel with a lot of devices, you will be happy to know that in the sleeping area alone, we spotted over 12 AC outlets and 10 USB outlets in the nightstands and on top of the dresser. There may have been more on the walls, but we didn’t look around. 

At the time of this writing (July 2017), only one building has been completed (the 90’s building) and the refurbishment is scheduled to last into May 2018. Two buildings in the 80’s section are currently in progress. So, while you can certainly request a refurbished room, know that inventory of Pop Century refurbished rooms is not that high just yet, so your request may not be able to be met.

We think these Pop Century refurbished rooms look great! Already a popular resort for adults and couples, the new design offers this demographic some great new features like the additional queen-size bed that can be easily kept out of the way if not needed, a pretty shower as well as plenty of places to charge your gadgets. The pop art styling is more subdued than some other value resorts, particularly Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, which may be more appealing to those without little ones. We personally love the idea of hard flooring as opposed to carpet for cleanliness and would wager that others do too. The new design and finishes give Disney’s Pop Century a more upscale feel in our opinion. We hope to see similar makeovers in the All Star Resorts in the future.

What do you think of Disney’s Pop Century refurbished rooms?? 

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  1. Wow! These look so ‘mod’ and fun!! Glad to see they are updating this section of hotels. We stayed there a long time ago and I enjoyed it because a lot of people pick the other ones.. it was quieter. 🙂